Friday, August 8, 2014

The Lasker Lectures are now available at all fine bookstores!

The Untold Story of Advertising - Albert Lasker Lectures and history.
Albert Davis Lasker began as a newspaper reporter when still a teenager but soon got interested in advertising.

He started first as an office clerk and later became a salesman. He then asked to be given responsibility for a money-losing account so that he could try his hand at copywriting.

By the age of 20, he had bought Lord & Thomas advertising agency and remained its chief executive for more than four decades. This book is as close as readers can come to an autobiography. This book tells the story of how he shaped the agency which ranked number one in its day.

Originally published in 26 installments of Advertising Age, this book takes you into the boardroom of Lord & Thomas and reveals the business philosophy and hard-won knowledge of the man who was its leader for 40 years.

Learn how the earliest and most successful marketer in the first half of this century created that success.

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Trade paperback (6"x9") available on all quality booksellers:
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Also available in a bundle: "Scientific Advertising: Origins"

Scientific Advertising Origins - featuring Claude Hopkins, John E. Kennedy, Albert Lasker.
 Ebook available exclusively on Amazon:

Trade paperback (6"x9") available from all quality booksellers:
Support independent publishing: Buy this
book on Lulu.


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