Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Lasker Story - Nearly ready (again) for prime time...

Announcing that we are about halfway through the publishing process.

Albert D. Lasker - The Untold Story of Advertising (The Lasker Story)

We've posted to three distributors, and have three more to go. There's going to be a paperback as well as ebooks in all versions.

As you can tell, it got a new title along with the snazzy cover artwork. While it's known as the Lasker Story, it's also got some new materials added.

I'll have some reviews for you soon, just hold on. There's 9 books coming out all at once, and these take some time to get over the various hurdles and so forth.

But do stay tuned. You have signed up with your e-reader and email (upper right) haven't you?

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